Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks

facebook messenger tips and tricks

Facebook Messenger is a popular messaging app, not only because Facebook requires mobile users to install it before sending Facebook messages, but also because it’s easy to use. To make it even easier, here are a few tricks for Facebook Messenger.

FB Messenger Tips and Tricks

1- Bigger Likes

To send big thumbs up in a chat, simply tap and hold the blue thumbs up button until it gets bigger. Release the button to send a big thumbs up.

2- Turn Location ON/OFF

New messages in Facebook Messenger always include your location. To turn your location off, tap the ‘settings’ option and uncheck the ‘location’ box. This is the same when turning your location on for your conversations, as well.

3- Place A Voice Call

Anytime during a chat, you can turn your chat into a voice call. Tap the blue telephone icon to call the person you’re chatting with. If the person you’re calling answers, then you can talk. You’re only able to call someone when he or she is active on Facebook.

4- Change Notification Sounds

To change the sound of your notifications, tap the ‘settings’ option, then go to ‘Notification & sounds’. From there, tap ‘Notification Sounds’. From here, you can choose your favorite ringtone or sound effect to use as your notification and Facebook voice call ringtone.

5- Turn Off Chat

In Facebook Messenger, it’s possible to make yourself offline. To do this, tap the list icon and select ‘Active’ to turn off the chat. This makes you appear offline on Facebook Messenger.

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6- Search Images

Facebook Messenger has a built-in image search. The image search uses Bing. To access the search, tap the ‘Menu’ button. Then, select ‘Image Search’. Enter the name of what you want images of, find an image, and tap on the image to instantly send it.

7- Sending Emoticons/Emojis

Using emoticons in your messages are a good way to show enthusiasm, anger, and have fun with your communication. Facebook Messenger has a good selection of emoticons. To use them, tap the ‘Write a Message’ field, then tap the small icon with 4 emoticons. Tapping this button will open the complete list of available emoticons and to send them, just tap the one you want and hit the ‘Send’ button.

Facebook Messenger is easy to master, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to use it for all of your messaging.

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