Taking a Screenshot on the Moto G Smartphone

taking screenshot on moto g

There are plenty of reasons as to why you should know how to take screenshots from any smartphone. Screenshots can assist you in capturing problems which you can send in form of images to friends. With such ease they will be able to assist you. Sometime, you might need to capture a section of content from your smartphone, screenshots work best in such instances. Screenshots have got lots of uses, whereas it is easy to take it from other devices and easy for some people to learn how to take them, it is important to consider how we can take screenshots from the Moto G (2014) Android device.

How to take Screenshot on the Moto G (2014)

When it comes to taking screenshots, the Moto G (2014) is just like other Android devices. This implies that the same process that you will use to take screenshots from this device will work for other major android smartphones. The process start by first navigating to the screen that you want to capture. It can be an image on the screen, a paragraph of text, or a section of a video. You should then consider pressing and holding the volume down and power buttons till the screen flashes. When the screen flashes it means that your screenshot has been captured.

Where will the image appear?

The image has already captured but where will you find it? Well, you shouldn’t worry. In your gallery app (or “My Files” for some phones) there is a folder called screenshot. Those images will appear in this folder. You might be worried that there is no such folder, but the first time you take a screenshot it will be created. You will be able to access your screenshot from this folder and also share or edit it just like any other image.

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Just as mentioned, you can edit or share these photos. You can easily crops them, add texts, or even merge with other images. All these can be done by the help of an editing app. You will also be able to comment on the screenshots, add phone numbers, and as well blur out messages. With your Moto G (2014) Android smartphone, there are plenty of things that you can do with the phone apart from screenshots. With this phone, you will enjoy a lot of fun from the latest apps in world.

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