Google updated its Photo and Duo Apps to reduce Data Bandwidth

google photo duo

Now, it is possible for android users to backup images even when you are having weak network signal strength or when you are not connected to the internet. Google now introduce an app that allows android users to save the preview version of photos when they are offline and can later save them when online.

However, with this feature, it is now possible for users to save their favorite images in preview quality first. The feature is added to improve the time taken by imaging and duo app to load and send images.

Google Photo

This feature is added so that people who use android will be able to save photos easily even when the network is bad. The app allows users to save the preview version of the image which will be low quality and can automatically save it standard quality later when it detected you are connected to the internet.

It is also possible to share images on the iOS and android version of the Google’s Photo app, with the low-quality version sent and when a connection is detected the full quality will be sent. This is to prevent delay when you need to get a photo message across to someone and the signal strength is weak.

Google Duo

Google also updated its Duo app by including a voice-only option, which will allow you to talk to your friends and family without the photo streaming option that does consume much of your bandwidth. According to the information from Google, they confirmed that the feature has been tested and will work perfectly for various signal strength. However, the feature is scheduled to debut in Brazil before it will be made available for the rest of the world.

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Finally, Google has also updated Allo, it chats app to support file sharing. This has made it possible for its user to send files on android. Users can now send files with extension names such as .mp3, .zip, doc, .apk, .pdf, .docx and more. Although this is not related to connection but it seems to be an improvement on the app and a way to make it more useful and easy to use by the users.

However, with this improvement, it is now possible for those with limited data plan to send and receive images without exhausting their data and also for those who uses the Allo chat app to send and receive files without stress.

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