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The majority of social media apps and services at the moment are facing a fierce competition from the rapidly rising musical app TikTok that has managed to appeal to all kinds of generations – especially the young.

Video Platform

Facebook is reportedly preparing to launch a similar socializing app to TikTok in the next couple of weeks. The new Facebook app is a video-editing platform that’s labelled as Instagram Reels. Of course it can’t be guaranteed that the new app will achieve a massive success similar to that of TikTok; but Facebook has got its own established state in the market and its base of users includes more than two billion people from the entire world.

Facebook vs TikTok

The upcoming new app by Facebook is based on allowing users to create their own interactive video clips with some musical tunes. The main idea of Instagram Reels is pretty much the same as that of TikTok which might make the two apps very strong contenders. An initial testing of the new app is already out in countries like Germany, Brazil, France and India.

Instagram Reels

Nevertheless the majority of the worldwide users will get to try out the app in the first half of August. The Instagram Reels app is equipped with a big number of versatile video features and the user can also share his musical clips on his Instagram stories to reach out to more audience.

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