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In the modern race of technology every single day new applications are introduced. These are based on the current circumstances. Some of them are about technology some are about social media and other is entertainment-based. Multiple apps are based on the trending affair of the world. Parler is one of the best American blogging and social network service app launches in August 2018. One of the most popular apps used to provide support to the President of the United State is the Parler app. This app is same as the Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platform.

What is Parler App

The Parler app is just for the community of America and only the people of America can use them. It is a big platform for the people who like President Trump which provides the services of free speech online.

It will consider the most important platforms used to take action against the theory of viral conspiracy. It will also use in disinformation and harassment of election workers and officials for the US presidential vote. The Parler app has a great user interface like the other social media platform. Capable of sharing videos, photos, and audios. For some months, Parler app become one of the most popular social media platforms for right-wing users and locals. The interaction with local become easy by using this app. Parler contain same functionality as twitter and multiple functions are the same in both of them. If someone is using Twitter, Parler will not hard to use for him. Parler app relies on users to report inappropriate content and not posts guidelines violation.

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Parler News

Users of the Parler app should post photos, GIFs, posting memes is an option to entertain community you can make hashtags according to trend. Parler posts per day almost triple the size limit as Twitter. Blocking or muting of users is also easy.

Mainstream platforms of this app have also become hard about their thesaurus in recent days. Some of their rules can put users in the dark corner of the internet. In this way, they could overcome the issues of hate speech, misinformation, and violence around the country. Aftermath they may improve their standard.

How to download Parler free

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