Google Now starts testing Foursquare tips without the App installed

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Google is widely recognized because of its amazing nature of doing what other thinks is not practicable. This is the reason that Google have been undertaking a series test to its newest app. These tips are regarded as the Google now smart assistant that improves operations on Android phones. Hence, enhancing device ability to shows recommendations from a basic discovery app known as Foursquare. These tests are mainly undertaken even without installing the app.

The chief function of this app is to assist users in getting a Foursquare-sourced tips that show the nice places where they can buy coffee. The app also enables users to grab sushi in the areas around the city according Venture Beat reports. Although the app seems good to go, its usability is arguably being restricted to a small number of Android users in San Francisco Bay Area. Is this a technique to measure people anxiety? Google has done it before, and, therefore, they may be having a good reason for that.

The combination of Silicon Valley-based app, Foursquare, and Google now the smart assistant app will provide a positive relationship between the two corporations. In the last few years, their relation has been soured due to various reasons. For instance, in the year 2005, Dennis Crowley CEO Foursquare sold his previous project known as Dodgeball. The competition between the two corporations can be termed as unbalanced.

This is because in the year 2012 Foursquare brought to the market a new app, Open Street Maps that shattered Google map app that was Google navigation backbone. Since Google incorporation is highly prolific in delivering high quality to users Foursquare Company found it fit to enquire partnership services. However, Foursquare still depend on the Apple services for apps like Apple Maps for its iOS software and Venture Beat notes.

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Foursquare is Re-organizing its Business around Selling Data

Notably, foursquare incorporation has been doing well recently where it has been reorienting its business activities into selling troves. Foursquare has been able to poach more 60 million people from other tech companies like Microsoft and Twitter. After an assessment of this credentials, Google has shown an interest in doing business with Foursquare. For this fact, Google has agreed to display Foursquare tips in the form of a card.

Bottom line:

It is fascinating that Google has accepted to partner with Foursquare even before ascertaining whether users have interest on the new app. This point shows that Google has a way of nurturing ideas and consequently make the big ventures.

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