Fairphone is your Smartphone Made with Entirely Open Hardware

Fairphone is your Smartphone Made with Entirely Open Hardware

Fairphone is produced with open hardware and it is designed to be totally fixable. Enter the Fairphone 2, if you are sick of having Smartphones that cannot be repaired. Rather than just fixing the darn thing up and using it for another year, you wind up creating e-waste, which can just be annoying.

You will get a phone that you can play with — inside and out, despite the fact that the Fairphone won’t necessarily give you an iPhone 6S equal experience. On the other hand, it is made to be repairable, recyclable, and long-lasting.

The specs are appealing as well. It is protected by Goriand Glass 3, has  5” display, and it is stuffing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. It also features an 8 megapixel camera, 32 GB of storage, and 2 GB of RAM. Unfortunately, it only runs Android Lollipop presently, but that could change.


What makes Fairphone stand out from competition is that it is maker and hacker-friendly. In view of the fact that most phones basically break when you take them apart, they are very difficult to use. However, Fairphones are expressly made to be taken upgraded, repaired, and to be taken apart. This makes them sustainable as well.

The archetypal components of smartphones really bring in less money compared to the cost that recyclers pay workers to disassemble all their glued-together parts. Nevertheless, recyclers can rip them apart quickly and even sell every little bit with the Fairphone.

The Fairphone project that has been in progress since 2010 stands for a DiY edition of the intention behind the now-canceled Ara Project by Google, a modular Smartphone with changeable components.

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Give the Fairphone 2 a try, if you want to look for a factual substitute to closed phones.

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