Google Tango assures that you’ll never get lost in Store

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During the middle of a Lower’ Store in 2017, the home renovation retailer appears to roll out for a reality-based augmented app which tells you the quickest methods of searching for the stuff on the list you have got. This process is powered up by the Google Tango, which is an indoor path-making technology which is done through specialized cameras to detect the depth of a 3D space area. It measures the objects present there, draws a map of the room, and looks into the virtual objects in the real world via augmented reality.

While keeping your smartphone in one hand and the shopping cars in other, you can rush to the racks getting the various items easily. On the screen of your mobile, you can see a yellow line extended over the camera stream, directing you to the next item present on your shopping list. There are an aisle and rack number mentioned on the screen in case you get confused about the directions, and can find out the step counter which tells that how far you are from the destination.

Once you have reached to the end of the list, the yellow line directs you to the nearest reception desk. This app works on some of the phones. You require to make your device Tango-enables, and it is available also on the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. Other devices like Asus ZenFine AR will hopefully come by the end of this year. Meanwhile, you will be able to lend a phone from the shopping store to use it while shopping.

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The final launch will occur in April at two of the Lowe’s store locations in Sunnyvale, Lynnwood, Washington, and California. Furthermore, more stores will get rolled out in lesser time, as the app utilized the current planograms or digital mapping technique which shows the location of shopping items on store shelves. Tango is not just restricted to shopping stores. It is also being used in museums, where visitors can learn about various things using augmented reality.

The Lowe’s is also working on the virtual reality technology for taking customers to DIY projects such as tiling of washrooms. Using HTC Vive phones and controllers, you can mix up water and mortar, place tiles on wall and get the haptic reviews after the process. The Lowe’s Holoroom of how to deal with virtual reality technology is available at Framingham, Canada, and Massachusetts.

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