Kik Messenger App: about to Shut down one of the most popular messaging app

Kik Messenger App: about to Shut down one of the most popular messaging app kik app 1


Kik Messenger used for free text messaging. It is a communication app. It is used for sending and receiving photos, videos, texts, calling and etc on free of cost. Support widgets, SMS inbox integration option, it has a walkie talkie feature. It is a free messaging app and also use for social networking. Kik is becoming popular day by day.  Kik is also available on android, amazon and iOS. You can send and receive messages for free you only need a WIFI or data connection. It is mainly used by teenagers. Kik is fun for them. In 2016, with an estimate that Kik had more than 300 million registered users. Research told us that Kik is using by more than 45% of teenagers in the United States.

KIK Updates

Kik Messenger is at its peak, it is estimated valuation more than $1 billion dollars and had a hundred million registered users on it. After the fight with their regulators, Kik messenger is falling down. On Monday, Kik Interactive told media and public that they are shuttering down Kik messenger and reducing its employees from 100 to 19 employees. Now the company will focus on remaining sources such as cryptocurrency exchange and other financial etc. In June, it raised the funding of 100,000K dollars in initial coin offering usually called ICO. Even in the absence of appropriately registering the offering. The application got 50,000K dollars in financing from the technology monster Tencent group.

KIK Competitors

It developed close by other prominent informing applications, containing Line and WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, yet the obscurity highlight turned into a twofold edged sword. Features showed up on how youngster predators reached prey through the application and the obscurity highlight hurt law implementation’s capacity to follow offenders. In 2016, Kik Messenger had more than 300 million users all over the world. Kik Messenger Chief Executive and Author Ted said the fight in court to SEC has been “a long and costly procedure to deplete our assets.”

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The concealed highlights of iOS 13

Clients did not need to enlist with a telephone number or other individual subtleties. Kik Messenger pulled in a wide swath of clients with the guarantee of having the option to visit namelessly. Kik Messenger team didn’t reply to sales for contribution that when will the application close down. The SEC denied to speak about the story. Customers were not required to enroll with a mobile number or other individual.


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