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The viral Chinese app TikTok – for Android, Ipad and iPhone – has been recently named one of the most used social media apps in 2019 with its massive base of users that counts up to millions of people from all regions of the world. However, it seems that the musical platform is again being scrutinized by authorities and government officials due to its shady privacy standards; the app has been accused since its relaunch that its privacy policy isn’t protecting the user’s private info and individual details.

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The privacy concerns are rising from the fact that TikTok is accused of collecting – and utilizing – user’s private data, such as geographical locations and personal info, without any official consent.

TikTok Under Examination for Privacy Breaching Concerns

The U.S. army has recently started a meticulous assessment of the TikTok privacy and security settings; the Chinese app for Android, Ipad and iPhone is going to be under fire for obtaining the user’s private data without asking for permission! Governments around the world, especially the U.S. government, aren’t happy nor satisfied with the way TikTok is handling the online rights of users. TikTok isn’t of course the only social media app accused of breaching user’s right to online privacy; Facebook and Instagram have been facing similar accusations too.

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The fears are generally stemming from the allegations that TikTok may be sharing the collected data with other parties – such as the Chinese government. However, the company previously assured that its musical app is completely independent from any official authorities. Nevertheless, TikTok officials didn’t respond, as of yet, to the recent privacy scrutiny of the app.

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