WhatsApp Messenger is to Become Ad-Friendly

WhatsApp Messenger is to Become Ad-Friendly whatsapp business app 1


After the recent innovations that took place in the WhatsApp community which include  adding many new features that range in their importance and vitality, it seems that there’re more and more plans in order to further increase the popularity  and, most importantly, functionality of the WhatsApp messenger. Of course, it can’t be denied that social media apps and chatting and messaging platforms play such a huge part in managing and creating business deals and opportunities.

WhatsApp is certainly one of the biggest business friendly apps available at the moment, and, reportedly, there’re more plans to enhance the WhatsApp service in order to offer and provide the users with business accounts through which they can manage and start business deals and offers.

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However, WhatsApp is, unquestionably, a very attractive and interesting platform which can be utilized by advertisement companies and parties which are indeed form a type of business platforms. Yet, there hasn’t been any official confirmation on whether or not WhatsApp is initiating its plans in order  to attract advertising campaigns and contracts to its chatting sessions. Fortunately, WhatsApp officials haven’t ruled out the possibility of featuring ads on the notorious platform, which might seem as a good sign that WhatsApp developers are willing to grant business deals and ad agencies the chance to feature their products and services via the messaging app.

Interestingly, there’re some evidences that WhatsApp may be welcoming ads to its community sooner than expected. For instance, the viral messaging app has, recently, presented many positives that are targeted to ease and support businesses and individual investments at the same time. The recently launched “WhatsApp Business App” for Android devices is designed to provide the users with extra tools and techniques in an attempt to support the business  accounts on the WhatsApp platform. The users of “WhatsApp Business” app can, for example, make profiles that sum up the business goals and intentions; also, they can provide already-prepared answers for the most asked questions by the customers; and the app provides some significant tools in order to facilitate the process of communicating with the audience as well.

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WhatsApp Business

Thankfully, the release of the “WhatsApp Business” has gathered some decent number of users – almost 3 million users – despite the fact that new business app needs much more time in order to evaluate it success and functionality among business entrepreneurs. However, as WhatsApp is an extremely notorius app with about 1.5 billion users, there needs to be more innovations accomplished by the app and more fields exploited as well including business management fields.


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