What Makes iMessage a No-Brainer Choice for iPhones

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If you own an iPhone and you are looking for that perfect messaging app that can fulfill all your requirements then the iMessage fits the bill perfectly. The best thing about this app is that you are not required to sign up for anything here as the messaging app is added as default on all the iPhones.

This is different from the Android devices that give users the option of four different messaging apps to choose from. These include the carriers own messaging app, Duo, Hangouts and Allo.

Another amazing feature of the iMessages app is that it works almost impeccably with FaceTime video, and it also supports video and audio calling over a cell or data connection. The application is encrypted from end-to-end. It works on your iPhone and also on other Apple devices such as your iPad and Mac.

With this amazing app, users can also send lasers to their friends. It is tuned to automatically send text messages using the app when it’s appropriate and regular SMS to just anyone. The app is able to handle different types of media such as GIFs, location, videos, links, photos, contacts, and voice memos.

You may use Siri to send new messages to your contacts or check the received messages. The integrations can be installed from the all new iMessage app store. You can also access different other apps such as Dropbox, Venmo, and Yelp without needing to even leave your Messages app.

Are there any downsides?

The iMessage app is not without its set of downsides. There’s a lot of room for improvement in the form of compatibility with other platforms. It would also be great if Apple could collect some metadata in order to determine whether the messages should be sent as an SMS or iMessage.

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Apple may retain that information for as long as thirty days and then it may be forced to hand over the data to the law enforcement with a court order or a subpoena.

Overall, we really love the iMessage app for iPhone. The only glitch is that it is restricted to the Apple devices only. Had this app been accessible in different types of cross-platforms, it might have been the most perfect messaging app ever. Nevertheless, this is the most suitable messaging app for the iPhone users to connect with other iOS device owners.

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