Hide iOS Apps you don’t want



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Hide iOS Apps you don’t want


Are you tired of stocking unused iPhone apps on your home screen inside folders that are rarely opened? According to AppAdvice, iOS 10 might come with a new feature that allows users to hide the apps they do not want.

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IPhone 8 plus Wins

iPhone  Plus

The release of Apple’s iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X brought the competition to higher levels, not only between prestigious smartphones companies – such as Apple vs. Samsung – but also within a single company such as Apple itself.

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Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

iphone  plus

While some of the things that your iPhone can do are hidden in plain sight, some of them are just not common knowledge. Siri can also help out a bit as well, but most of these are available on iOS

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Facebook Messenger fixes its freezing IOS bug

Facebook Messenger on IPhone

If you own an IPhone and use Facebook Messenger at the same time, you will have to update your version of the messaging app immediately. A new update has been released by Facebook for the messaging app’s IOS version especially

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IPhone X is not selling as expected

IPhone X

When it was first announced, IPhone X was considered to be a huge risk for Apple. The creator and manufacturer company of the device risked with many alterations that has been done to this model that made it way different

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Android vs iPhone – Choice of Smartphone Reveals your Personality Traits

android iphone Personality Traits

Whether we are at the bar or a restaurant with friends, a lot of us have Smartphones that we always attach to the hip. When looking at both Android and iPhone, the truth is that your choice of Smartphone is what

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The New iPhone X

apple iphone

The iPhone X launch comes an entire decade after the original iPhone was release. Thus the name. There are some things about the iPhone X that are very similar to that first iPhone from all those years ago. First, it

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Download Scheduled for iPhone

scheduled schedule your text messages

If you want to remember to wish your friend birthday, good luck or congratulations or want to thank you message to a loved on some fixed date; you may feel disappointed to know that there is no messaging app offer

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Launch Center Pro for iPhone

launch center pro

Launch Center Pro is a fast app for all activities. It offers you the opportunity of setting up shortcuts, which you can launch from the Notification Center or home screen—this shortcuts are for certain purposes in the apps and not

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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