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If you want to remember to wish your friend birthday, good luck or congratulations or want to thank you message to a loved on some fixed date; you may feel disappointed to know that there is no messaging app offer such service. But here is a new iOS app known as Scheduled which can help you in this.

To be clearer, this app doesn’t carry out scheduling of the automatic texts. For this, you may need to hack the iPhone and use one of the blacklisted apps instead. Apple may not allow you to this function.

The services provided by the Scheduled of scheduling the texts are approved by the App Store.

The app is quite simple to use and is very straightforward.

Firstly, you need to choose a person whom you want to send the text from your contacts, type the text which you want to send and choose the time at which you want to be get reminded to send the message. As that time comes, the app sends a notification so that you can open the app to send the text. After sending it, the event is deleted and piled into the app’s queue.

Scheduled is not just for SMS or iMessage, but it also works for other messaging apps such as Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Telegram and lets you keep a copy of the text so that you can use it again. The app can also be used for making the reminders for certain emails or phone calls.

Moreover, the app is planning to build the system which supports LinkedIn and Slack in future.

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Download Scheduled for iPhone

To be honest, there is another messaging scheduling app on the App Store, but Scheduled has the interface which is much latest and clean than any of the other app. The app is a product of Brthr Agency, a digital firm present in Netherlands which makes an excellent combination of the startup investment and user work. The team of Scheduled states that the plan is to earn by charging $0.99 on the facility of adding four reminders at a time.

Obviously, most of the users are already involved in asking about auto-send technology, but this is not the thing which Apple allows. As one of the team members says that the team is working on other options for adding the feature of auto-send, but it is hard regarding technical perspective.

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