Why Switch to Zaboo Messenger?

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Recently, the developer has added sticker in the Zaboo Messenger app. This implies that you will be able to share your feelings and expressions with stickers. It is so convenient when you want to share what you are feeling but you don’t want to write texts. Although these stickers can’t be customized.

Some of the minor bugs and errors have been fixed during the recent updates. This has improved the performance of the app in overall. The last update was done on 18th of August, 2015.

Instant Messaging:

With the Zaboo Messenger, you will be able to enjoy an instant messaging app that is fast and convenient. With it, you can chat with your friends across the world over an internet connection.

Social Login:

Your data security has been enhanced in Zaboo, unlike other instant messaging apps, by the social login feature. With it, you will need to login in order to access your data in the app.


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Social Share:

Share information conveniently and efficiently with the Zaboo messenger. You can share texts, stickers, and much more. You will need an internet connection in order to send and receive these messages. The service is offered for free although additional data charges may apply with your data provider.

The application is still on its BETA, and therefore the developer recommends that you download it and leave your review on the site so that they can fix the areas where you need improvements. All the features that you might have “wanted” to be incorporated in the app will be made during the future development.

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