Pottery Barn owns AR app to preview your future furniture

pottery barn ar app

Now the retailer is only about the recent home usage goods store to get the augmented reality implemented. When you are going to buy an ideal couch for your bedroom, you may want to be sure that it seems good if placed closer to your end table. Pottery Barn expects to entice customers into the store by using the new augmented reality app to do only that when it releases later by the end of this month.

The 3D room view will give you an opportunity to analyze the placement of any of the Pottery Barn products in your drawing room or living room, even if it is empty. You can add, move, or delete any furniture item from your room. Not only this you can also edit the positioning of rugs, decoration pieces, lamps, bed pillows, and even modify the colors of pillows and decoration items.

Two other augmented reality apps will also come to the view by the end of this month; one of them helps young people to design their rooms by placing the desk and study table of Pottery Barn there and other exhibits the placement of couches in full 360 degrees’ revolution. Both of these apps are provided with the web-set tools for computer and smartphones, as they are not the native apps.

Another novel app of Pottery Barn is made by integration with Google’ Tango, an augmented reality mechanism which is already is use by BMW and the Gap. Unluckily, there are just two phones on which Tango works, the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and the Asus ZenFone AR. You are of low luck in this regard if you have an iPhone or any other Android based phone set.

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The app is also available in the areas of San Francisco Bay presently, with the plans to be rolled out all across the state and to the eastern costs by the end of this year. The app is itself workable for anyone, but the main program which increases the interest of customers with design makers who have the ability to show the Tango-controlled tools in-store is just in the San Francisco.

Ikea and Lowe are already offering the augmented reality apps while in east coats the rival Wayfair has released its app in November 2016. Pottery Barn is not that creative so much as the other players, still, if there a way to get a path to Silicon Valley to increase the bottom line, it is by using a gimmicky app

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