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Twitter launches new ‘lite’ version that could cut data consumption to half on for mobiles. He extensive modifications in the way people use the Twitter could analyze the bulk of data used by the social media platforms. The company is hopeful that the remodeling – which will launch soon – will aid the expansion of app for its users on an international level. The latest version of the app known as Twitter Lite is focused mainly on the users outside the US who are restricted to use low data constraints because of the slow internet connections or costly tariffs.

Twitter Lite is accessible via web browser however it looks nearly similar to the app version of Twitter. The release of this web version is near to the front as the creation of identical products from few of the social media network’s opponents. As Facebook launched Facebook Lite in 2015 and recently YouTube has released the low data usage mobile app for India.

A firm created in San Francisco is slightly lagging behind all these companies in making the user base. By the end of 2016, its user base reached to more than 319 million active users, while Facebook has just 1.9 million users.

One of the biggest reason of this is the amount of data which Twitter app and web version consume in different parts of the world. According to the president of the company, Keith Coleman, Twitter isn’t reaching that level right now. The company need to do the progress faster, and with a good experience than before. As per the evaluation is done by the company, with few changes it has made in its web version, the users will get the average data usage on the web version which will go down by 40%.

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With the additional less data consumption feature, there is new function which involves the displaying of pictures in a preview form rather than the full pictures. Similar to YouTube, Twitter is hoping for its expansion in the Indian market to 1.3 billion users.

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Cricket is one of the most famous games in India and following sports in real time is one the common trait across the country. People use Twitter for this purpose, which unlike many social media platforms has still developed a sequential timeline for putting stress on immediacy. For other countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the company has said that it hopes Twitter Lite to be quite beneficial.

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