Facebook Introduces Screen Sharing in IOS & Android

Facebook Introduces Screen Sharing in IOS & Android facebook messenger rooms zoom 1


During the past few months, Facebook has been working regularly on upgrading all of its services for the user’s own sake to make conducting business from home more easy and functional.

Facebook has already introduced the screen sharing feature for desktop computers, and now the feature is planned to be available for iOS and Android devices very soon.

8 people video call

The screen sharing capability by Facebook is already a praised feature that allows the user to share his screen with others in either a singular or a group video call that can encompass up to 8 people.

Messenger Rooms vs Zoom

Fortunately the Facebook Messenger on smartphones is currently set to receive screen sharing on both iOS and Android devices. In addition the same feature will be available for Messenger Rooms which permits for online chats to include 16 participants. According to Facebook, the screen sharing feature is expanded to iOS and Android devices in an attempt to bring users closer these days.

Screen sharing is simply a feature that enables any user to share a live view of his smartphone with other people so that they can see everything the user is doing on his phone. It’s indeed a helpful and interesting feature which you can utilize to do multiple things virtually with others such as shopping online together or browsing a social media app together as well!

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