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At this day and age, a dedicated music player has lost their popularity due to the capabilities of smartphone in becoming our indispensable do-it-all device. Nowadays, smartphone has powerful capabilities to play music and even videos, all that features accessible within the grasp of your palm. While there are several people argues that a dedicated portable media player delivers better audio than what a smartphone could possibly offer, most of us are already content with our handset capabilities to play a music within a single touch from our finger.

At this moment right now, an Android smartphone can be regarded as the world’s most popular portable music players due to the popularity of this Google based platform for years. Within the Android, you can easily discover dozens to hundreds of music player app that is available to download on Google Play. Luckily, you do not have to try all of those music player apps in order to choose the best for you. Here, we list the top five music players based on the user’s review and user count of Google Play users. Without further ado, here is the list:

Poweramp – Widely known all-rounder music player

With the capabilities to provide ten-band equalizer for you to tweak the sound output on your phone, there’s nothing can go wrong with using Poweramp. You can easily save your EQ preset in order to match with your specific headphones sets you have. Poweramp are also compatible with lots of different audio formats, allowing you to enjoy your music to the fullest. Last but not least, you can also customize your app themes with the one that match your personality.

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PlayerPro Music Player – The Pro choice for customization

PlayerPro Music Player offers the ability to download lyrics and album art to be displayed while playing the music. With many different themes, skins, and extension that is available for you to download, you can easily personalize the app to match with your visual preferences and your listening habits. This app also has scrobbling support for music sites like to further enhance your music preferences.

Equalizer+ A new contender with amazing Pro features

Just as the app name suggest, Equalizer+ offers the capability of a music player and a solid frequency equalizer. There are five band frequencies available for you to customize with 10 slots for your custom presets. The Pro (paid version) of this app offers several cool features to enhance your sound output, such as Fade, Bass Boost, and also dual screen equalizer.

Fusion – Discovers the latest hits right within your hand

Fusion is a free to download and ad-free music player, which is rare among many music player apps available in Google Play. Aside from letting you to play music that is stored in your device, you can also stumble upon the latest hits from your favorite artist and listens to online radios.

Play Music

Last but not least, is the Google’s Play Music. If you are looking for the music player that matches with the design standard of Google, this is the app for you. It has support to connect your phone with cloud stored music, so you can hear your favorite tunes anywhere, anytime without need to save it on your phone in the first place.

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