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Kik Messenger app

If you are an avid user of Instagram, you might have ever heard Kik before. Many popular Instagram users lists their Kik username in their profile bio, and it has become quite fad for them to use this messenger app that has garnered over 200 million registered users on the end of January 2015.

Kik messenger app is preferred by many of its user as an alternative to email their associates or setting up a public chat group for any kinds of groups over social networking site. It can also be used as a substitute to regular SMS text messaging, which helps you to avoid text limits or adds extra data charges on your phone number.

As the US’s 7th of the most popular social networking app, Kik messenger app are build in order to mimic the overall look and functionality of smartphones SMS  text messaging. The users have to create a set of username and password for themselves in order to start using Kik service. In return, they can add other Kik users called “Kicksters” in their contact list.

Several features that Kik messenger app has to offer are listed below here as follows:

  • Live typing: One of the features that old Blackberry messenger offers and used in many messenger app worldwide. You can see that the person you are chatting with is currently typing a message in real time, which helps you to expect that the person you are contacting now is online and you should be expecting him / her to message you back in a few seconds
  • Message Notification: Whenever you are sending or receiving a new message, you will actually notified when your message get sent or delivered in real time, just like your phone’s SMS text.
  • Invite Friends: You can invite your known friends or associates to use Kik together by sending invites via SMS text, e-mail, or even through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. When your friends signs up a new account for Kik using their email or phone number that is present on your phone’s contact list, Kik will automatically recognize them as your friends and will connect you both by sending both of you a friend notification to be listed in your Kik contact list
  • Profile Customization and Privacy: Upon registering for Kik account, you will have your own ID and account that you can easily personalize with your own profile pictures and contact information. Within the May 2014 updates, you can filter whether or not to let Kik accessing your phone’s contact list for any known associates that uses Kik and an ability to ignore or block users from contacting you.
  • Conversation lists and customization: With Kik, you can see the list of the different conversation within people or chat groups in an easy way. You can choose to chat with one individual or send message to many people by creating a group chat. You can also customize your chat bubble and send images, videos, emoticons during your conversation to spice up your chat a bit.
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