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Opera Mini is one of the most popular Android browsers in the World. This means to ensure that they maintain their current status and even improve it, its developers have to work tirelessly to keep improving the application and releasing new features. Since it was first introduced in 2009 for use by Android devices several features have been upgraded. Some of these upgrades include the inclusion of private tabs to facilitate private browsing, improved speed which is one of the reasons it is so popular, improved data saving of up to 90%, users can customize the layout of the browser, one can also share bookmarks with friends and smart page that brings together social media and news updates from the site that you visit frequently.

Opera Mini upgrades

Even with all the above upgrades the developers of the browser still felt that they needed to do more and now their new version is out and it contains a few more upgrades. Opera Mini’s developers have added a night mode feature to the browser. At one point or the other we have read or heard that using your phone at night can be harmful to your eyes. This new feature has been added to ensure that you have a comfortable time using the browser at night. Night mode feature comes with a few options. Users can now select how dim they want the screen to be. There is also a “reduce eye strain” option that one can use to alter the light tone emitted into a more suitable one. To access the Night Mode Feature go to Settings and select Night Mode. From there select enable. From there you can go to the Reduce Eye Strain option and adjust the screen’s brightness.

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The other feature introduced in this new version is that now the browser allows users to sync the open tabs and bookmarks that have already been stored in the Speed dial page. However for the synchronization to work one must have an Opera account and you must be logged in. The final feature that they have introduced is that now the page title is shown when you are viewing web pages in place of the address and search bar. This means that if you need to copy an address from a page, you need to first activate the address bar by touching it.

According to Opera Mini, 24 hours after this upgrades were released, the browser had been downloaded more than 1 million times. This goes to show that this new upgrades just like the previous ones are efficient and are a hit to those who use the browser.

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