Kindle Oasis e-Reader Review

amazon kindle oasis reader

Kindle Oasis is an all-new e-Reader with the ultra-thin and light design. New design makes this e-reader as light as weighing just like a paper. This new design is almost 20% light and 30% thinner than any other Amazon Kindle e-readers available in the market. It easy to view display screen show information with perfect clarity.

Long-lasting leather battery cover ensures you can easily carry this e-reader without worrying for its charging not for days or weeks but for months.

Kindle Oasis Display screen

Kindle Oasis has 6-inches wide display screen with a resolution of 1440 x 1080p at 300ppi pixel density. The micro-etched glass screen does not produce any reflection in sunlight and gives a feeling of touching real paper. Touchscreen designed with latest technologies turns papas smoothly. The presence of front light and 10 LED lights is an added advantage of reading data via this e-reader.

The Deign Principle

The major principle with which the Oasis model was designed was to bring a one-handed operation into the picture. This model can be operated single-handedly.


Amazon Kindle Oasis has the storage capacity of 4GB data. This space is really enough to store thousands of books.


Asymmetric Design: Tapered design on one side for firm griping. The page turns buttons are available on the tapered side. This design allows readers to read information with ease. One-handed operation allows you to hold this unit in one hand and operate its page back and forward buttons comfortably.

Leather Battery cover: This model comes integrated with a permanent leather battery cover that houses battery inside it. This battery supports the long-lived life of several months. You can move freely without any hassle of charging the battery again and again.

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In-built accelerometer sensor supports Display screen orientation. You can hold the device in another hand and the sensor will automatically adjust the screen according to your hand gestures.


The size of Oasis with cover 144 × 125 × 1.9-4.6 mm, weighs 238gms.

The size of oasis without cover 143 × 122 × 3.4-8.5 mm, weighs 131 gms.


This model can be connected via Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi+ free 3G and supports standards 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n (WEP, WPA, WPA2). For text, Oasis supports azw, azw3 (Kindle Format 8), doc, docx, html, mobi, pdf, prc (Mobipocket), txt formats and for Image bmp, gif, jpeg, png formats are supported.

Standard Packaging

Oasis Main Unit, Premium cover and USB v2.0 charging cable.

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