Samsung Galaxy X: The Next Super Phone

samsung galaxy foldable phone

This year, 2017, potentials to be pretty a big one for smartphones, as numerous key products are expected to shake gears right up. According to recent news, Samsung will launch its Galaxy S8 along with S8 Plus. But behind the curtains there is another aggressive device that will be long waited by its fans.

So what is to look ahead to precisely in the next 7 months? Tech firms will not hesitate to build on the impetus of VR as a developing medium, with latest hardware and games: Apple is dignified to totally overhaul the iPhone line in Q4 with an all-glass created and the application of AMOLED screens; and, the article topic, the Samsung Galaxy X, will appear as the first phone with a really, completely elastic and foldable Super AMOLED display crammed in an exceptional form factor.

All of these features will change the outlook of the market, but despite the fact VR will fake its own path indirectly from the mobile business, the outline of sincerely folding displays will absolutely change the smartphone and tablet universe. Among other aspects, anticipate the two form aspects to come together; tablets as we are ware will probably vanish in favor of smartphones which unfold into tablets as their secondary function.

Unluckily, that stuff is for future. What we will be welcomed with during the first half of 2017 thru the Samsung Galaxy X is superficially very much intended as a smartphone and I mean a smartphone alone, if the rumors are true. There is no a brief outline of what is expected to be seen aboard the Galaxy X founded on the rumors, interlocked together with the observations of Samsung’s practices for its current products, and business trends. Probably let’s throw in a few timid theories and expectant ideas of features and specs.

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Foldable Phone?

As it occurs, in the same channel MWC 2017, news has arisen that Samsung has currently trademarked the Galaxy X autograph. Rendering to related rumors there will be two Galaxy X versions, the SM-X9050 Galaxy X1+ and the SM-X9000 Galaxy X1. The rumors also add that Samsung is scheduling a “limited” launch of one or both phones in either the third or fourth quarters of 2017, signifying that perhaps like the unique Galaxy Note 4 EDGE this may be a restricted run model for trial. That would mean the company might not run a public launch until 2018, perhaps with a sophisticated model based on user feedback to the 2017 release.

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