Netflix hits the target of hundred million subscribers

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Finally, Netflix has reached to the 100 million global subscribers. This milestone has completed last weekend. They are going to release their first quarter earnings in the upcoming days. In the first 3 months of this year, Netflix added around 5 million new users. And richest 98.7 million subscribers from around 190 different countries in the end of March.

The credit for their growth is because of the extreme use of Smartphones. You can watch Netflix on the go on your Smartphones and Tablets which is the ultimate explosion for the Netflix among their customers. Around 51 million of Netflix customer are from USA and around 48 million customers are from outside of USA. Company’s Reed Hastings are expecting that the next 100 million takes less time than the first hundred million, but the CEO of Netflix doesn’t provide any kind of plan during their online video review of the Netflix portion.

Reed also said that “In the world, everybody loves to watch television and nearly everyone has the Internet connection, So I don’t think that anything will stop the Netflix to reach the max people of the U.S and then someday surely maximum people around the globe.

This progress is increasing the company’s stock price constantly from the last 5 years and in that 5 years company has added around 72 million more customers.

A California-based company named The Los Gatos has a stock value of 63 billion dollars. Their stock value raised from 1.9 dollars to 149.15 dollars in the last week but the customer Road slightly goes down in the first portion.

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But Netflix is on the second number of the international streaming service, after the first place position of HBO. It has around 134 million customers. But HBO is the role model of Netflix’s success.

Some of the Other cable services are also providing the Internet-only options. Streaming services are mostly used by mostly young people, and its abundance traditional television packages and subscribes to these kinds of streaming services.

Neflix has a wide range of subscription packages starting from$8 to $12 per month and they had their most popular option of $10 a month.

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