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You will become a podcasting addict immediately after coming across the powerful Android podcast ‘catcher’ app. The application allows the user to play an exciting and pseudo-random assortment of the best subscription right away from the home screen. This function is supported by a combination of per-feed rules-based downloads, and its ‘Smart Play’ vibrant playlists. Beyond Pod app has some truly useful downloading features embedded too. This app has the option to set a scheduled so that it can update all available feeds and then download the identified number of episodes.

Besides, it also provides a cloud of useful playback features like on-the-fly playlists; Chrome cast playback and Google Wear controls. When beyond pod is set up correctly, then it becomes the best podcast catcher on Android. However, before set-up it’s important to consider the version of interest whether it’s the lite or the paid pro-version. Lite version of the app contains a good number of features embedded in the paid pro version.

However the following functions are exempted from this release; updates are only limited to one feed, the download is also limited to one item at a time, playback custom speeds are unusable. Also, chrome cast support; scheduled updates and syncing episodes progress between devices are disabled. It’s better to begin with the free version since settings are saved after upgrading. Beyond pod, app layout has a left and right-hand menu containing your podcasts aligned by category, and the current playlist is displayed.

How to Go About the App

Importing feeds whether it’s from the existing podcast app or a computer is simple. All that is needed is to locate an OPML option in the current app and copy the file to the beyond pod folder in the phone. Then take a glance at the +add feed page and search the catalogue for desirable podcasts. If no particular podcast is found, it’s then possible to add it in the feeds URL.

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The next step is to subscribe by pressing the subscribe button and make a selection between the two existing categories. Upon addition of feeds, update, and download rules are set making you free to enjoy using them. On update, feeds will automatically download the latest episode, and you can now start listening to any episode by pressing the icon. There is also an advanced section for settings where you can find options like the name of the feed, image and order and many others.

Finally, the other feature of Beyond Pod is the Smart Play option that allows the creation of on-the-fly playlists based on a set of instructions.

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