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Managing your email is one of the most exasperating and time consuming task you can ever imagine because email sucks. For this reason, there is no shortage of apps that try to alleviate the agony of dealing with an teeming inbox. There is good news for you because Spark App for iPhone has come to manage your email for you. It is a fast, efficient and smart way to manage your email.

Spark is a new email app for iPhone from Readdle, a company notable for apps that will help you manage documents. Spark App for iPhone is available for free.

Spark is similar to the Inbox of Google or the Microsoft’s Outlook at first glance. It is a perfect email app for iPhone. It comes with a Smart Inbox function that categorizes and filters incoming mail automatically and you are only alerted for important messages. Spark App for iPhone integrates with OneDrive, Google Drive, Pocket, Evernote and Dropbox for attachments and saving files.

Furthermore, Spark has the ability to pin messages to the top of your inbox or catnap them for further action. The interface of Spark App for iPhone is exceedingly customizable. You can include or eliminate easy access widgets, set swipe gestures or change whatever is in the sidebar of the app to make it meet your needs.

In addition, Spark comes with a companion Apple Watch app, which includes quick replies that is making it possible to triage and take action on messages as they arrive without necessarily using the phone. All features of Spark App for iPhone add up to a powerful and enjoyable experience of using email client that gives the iPhone the best options for some good competitions. This app for iPhone is better than Outlook and you can make it your email app of choice on iOS.

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It is clear that email is not going anywhere, despite the proliferation of messaging apps and group chat apps in the workplace. No wonder many companies are trying to build the ideal email app with more seemingly arriving any moment from now. A good email app may mean different thing to different t people. However, managing your inbox doesn’t have to be a task, if your choice of app is Readdle Spark, Google’s Inbox or Microsoft’s Outlook.

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