How to Use the Drupe App to Manage Facebook, Whatsapp and SMS Messages

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Managing the many available text messaging apps can be really chaotic. There are plenty of messaging apps from trusty old SMS app, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Google Hangouts just to mention but a few. I can be really confusing when it comes to managing such app but thanks to Drupe, a stylish little app that had its release recently in the Play Store. With this application, you will easily send messages and manage your messaging apps from one convenient place.

With Drupe, be sure that you will have found the perfect application that will handle the many messaging apps that you have in your Android phone and take control on them, thus easing the process of sending and receiving messages.

Organized Contacts and Messaging Apps

After the process of installation, Drupe organizes your messaging apps and contacts, whereby all your contacts will be listed in a bubble. This bubble will have its location on the left side of the screen whereas your various messaging apps will be listed in the form of icons on the right. If you want to write a message on one of the contacts that you have, you will need to just drag that contact to your chosen app and the app will automatically open giving you a chance to send the message after a successful writing.

Condensed Notifications

The other great feature about Drupe is the fact that you can condense all your notifications from the various messaging apps and their contacts into one notification that will be accessible from drupe. This is the other appealing feature of the Drupe app. It also implies that you will be able to order your notifications menu.

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Do you want to manage and organize all your Messaging Apps, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp from one App? Worry no more, because you can now easily do this.

What About Accessing This App?

To easily access this app, you can set it in the customized settings, such that to allow it display an un-pushy four-dot logo on either the right side or left side of your Android screen. This logo will appear on top of any app that will have been open at that particular time. This will in turn make it easy for you to Swipe in the list of contacts which are in Drupe as well as the Messaging apps and thereby send messages with much ease.


Drupe has been designed so well something that makes it to feel like a typical Android feature, that brings all your messaging apps- like Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, and others under a single point of control. Whereas this app can serve a great purpose in controlling and organizing your messaging app, Google itself and other manufacturers are still finding ways through which they can come up with a great in-house solution to neatly and quickly manager the various messaging apps that you have in your device.

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