A New Kik Gaming Experience with Pokémon Go Creators

Pokemon Go kik

Amongst the multiple notorious messaging apps, Kik Messenger is the one that promises to provide new territories to explore whilst exchanging messages with your contacts. Kik, just like other famous messages apps, presents multiple services, yet it needs to take a step farther in order for it to create a unique chatting experience.

The Canadian messaging app revealed recently its intentions to collaborate with a strongly established gaming company. The Kik owner company intends to bring cryptocurrency into its well-known chatting app; which as a result may prompt more users to go through the new Kik gaming experience.

Reportedly, Kik will collaborate with the tycoon Unity Technologies, which is famous, of course, for the Pokémon Go game amongst others. The aim will be to create game-specific software development kit that will attract game developers from everywhere around the globe. Players will be able to reward each other after every feat and share each other points of view about the games. Such an upgrade will allow various parties a lot of merits and benefits.

For example, brands, and sponsors as well, will be able to interact with users and reward them once a specific task is completed – a new game level; a survey; a questionnaire; …; etc; the users shall be rewarded coins for their gaming achievements, no doubt. In fact, games industries has become, recently, a rich field of experimentation and endeavors that might as well lead extreme success – or failure. In the upcoming years, digital currency could dominate technological markets largely.

And the tough competition makes it urgent for various apps to try and improvise and upgrade their experiences in an attempt to make the individual user quite satisfied and lured. Not to forget that gamers and game developers are always interested to go through a new territory of technological advancements. And Kik messenger is willing to provide its different users with brand new and untried games features alongside the app. Such collaborations between messaging and gaming features in one app, will definitely entice more users to get their feet wet.

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Kik messenger surely has a decent reputation for its decent messaging/gaming features; the Canadian app seeks to change the atmosphere of the old normal messenger by bringing together a set of not-very-likely-to-happen features. These small steps prompt the technological audience to give the app a shot, in order to question the validity of the newly bred messaging experience.

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