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Smart Phones and gadgets have become style statements with having a great smart phone being perceived as a sign of financial strength.  Seeing a celebrity using a particular phone makes people view the phone as classy, great and with wonderful features. It is like an endorsement that the phone is of good quality and has great features. Most smartphones come in different designs and have different features. It’s the quality of features a phone has that makes it appealing to celebrities.

Celebrities & Smartphones

Celebrities are some of the high end clients any phone company would want to associate its product with, this fact have made many celebrities enjoy free perks because of the influence and opportunity of getting high end clients for the product. Companies like Samsung have taken this fact a notch higher partnering with celebrities as they share Samsung phones with their friends. This is a strategy that has worked given the high quality of Samsung phones.

Some great features we find in smart phones include, an advanced mobile operating system, Personal digital assistance, media player, GPS navigation unit, user interface, ability to run third party apps, camera, high speed mobile broadband, internet web browsing and mobile payment mechanism. Most of these futures are what appeals differently to celebrities and is a major determinant of what phone to use and that appeals more to the needs. The futures keep being upgraded as new technology and innovations come. The upgraded brands tend to be classier with a greater edge and design.

Celebrity’s carries such an aura of influence and given their high profile nature a smart phone that they identify with is likely to be received positively by their fans and followers as well. With many quality smart phones in the market, majority of the celebrities have been noticed using I phone, Blackberry and Sumsang amongst other great phones.

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It is quite tasking to know which phones celebrities use given they don’t flash their phones a lot. Though through their social media updates one can easily identify from the updates the type of phone used. Majority of celebrities seem to have a liking for these great brands; Blackberry, Iphone and Samsung.  Blackberry and I phone seems to lead the list as most preferred phones followed by Sumsung.

Apple iphone 6

Stands out as the best phone and a preference most of the celebrities, Iphone comes with a bigger screen, boosted processor, better camera, improved battery and a crucially overhauled design. It’s easy to handle with plenty of futures to use.


Blackberry is a choice phone to most celebrities. Has great futures and formidable display. Large touch screen providing an amazing viewing,  with a wider vision and great capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Subtly improved and smartly designed, a superior super phone with high quality camera giving brighter and clear pictures. Comes with ultra power saving mode,  most accelerated network device. A choice phone for most celebrity’s

Though there are quite a great number of quality smart phones these three brands stands out as choice phones for many celebrities.

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