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In the year 2016, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, the unchallengeable king of tech invested greatly on chat bot – a program used to simulate a user in games or during a chat. Although, it is too early to judge whether investing in bot is right or not, but we can see the chatbot is not widely accepted by users.

If you love to use the chatbot technology this will be good news for you. With Dexter website, you can now easily create your own chatbot the way you want it to be so that it will easily convey your message to your partner.

Dexter is a newly launched platform that you should try your hands on. You may not be a better programmer that does not seem to be a problem. Dexter is simple to use and with a quick tutorial, you should be able to build a bot within minutes.

How does Dexter work?

The Dexter platform looks like a blogging platform such as WordPress and blogger. Similar to blogging sites, it also has a large window for building and the tools needed for creating bots are well arranged around the composing window – top, sides, and bottom. To build a chatbot, what you need to do is to type a message that a bot will reply to – like when your friend says hello, Hi or other salutation. Then, type the reply in the space provided – like “I’m fine”, “How may I help you” and so on.

However, before you publish your bot, you can test if it is just as you want it or not in a window provided on the right side corner of the platform. If you are satisfied with the result, you can publish your bot to any social network like Facebook, Slack, and Whatsapp. You can also save the bot on your messaging app. Although, the entire tools needed on Dexter to build, a chatbot not available, but we were told that it will soon be available.

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Another news is that building a bot on the platform is free for beginners but do not expect this to be forever. However, you can also add complex things – like links to sites, adding images and others, it can be done easily. If you want to do more than just building simple bots you will need to concentrate more time to learn the basics.

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