Where are you? Uber and Lyft rides with Facebook Messenger App

Where are you? Uber and Lyft rides with Facebook Messenger App Uber Lyft Facebook Messenger App 1

Things you might not know you can do with Facebook Messenger App. You don’t have to worry about sending that “Where are you?” message anymore if you and your friends remember to pin your location.

Beneath the area where you normally type your messages, you can find a button that has the customary “three dots”  and when you click there, you should then select “location.” The app itself can locate you on the map, which you can send to any of your Facebook friends.

How to hail a Lyft/Uber Using Facebook Messenger App

If you’re looking for a ride to a friend’s location, then you can also select “Request a ride” where you can then choose Uber or Lyft. Each will offer you an estimated time of arrival, which will then let you know which to choose. Once you have selected one, you can start a conversation with one of their bots and go from there.

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