Download FaceApp and say WOW!

Download FaceApp and say WOW! download faceapp 1

Do you know FaceApp? Do you want to download FaceApp for your phone or tablet and play with your friends and family? Check links below! Also did you notice about the latest issue App had? The “problem” stems from the TOS offered by FaceApp which apparently gives the company a license to use photos, names, voices, and much more for commercial purposes. What’s more, the app specifically states that it can keep this information after the user actually deletes the app from their devices. There appears to be no legal limitation to how long they can keep the data.

FaceApp has not responded to comment requests, but it was also noted that their privacy policy says they can store your information in any country from which FaceApp – or its affiliates – operate. That means it can be stored in Russie, where the team is actually based. However, it has been reported that FaceApp itself operates on servers that Amazon and Google own, in the United States of America.

While Face-App hasn’t issued a comment, they did release a statement. Basically, they said they aren’t using the information they gain in the way that their license gives them a right to,… but that they are deleting the information within two days.

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