Download ZAO App for your iPhone and Android smartphone

Download ZAO App for your iPhone and Android smartphone download zao app 1

ZAO? Once it seemed impossible, today it is possible to do it. The Chinese ZAO App ( Deep-Fake ) automated app that makes unrealistic real-life video montages. The good thing is that in the application we have a little number of videos, and these images cannot be used anywhere.

Although this news quickly echoed, it also received negative comments and ratings, such as a rating on App Store which is very low at only 1.9, because it is not known where the images that we use in the “ZAO” application end up, whether they are used elsewhere. There have also been criticisms and bans from “Weibo’s” largest Chinese social network for not defining privacy, and there is no clear and precise information on how to protect user data.

Zao app

Only Apple has not commented on this application yet, but the world media is full of criticism of the “ZAO” and calls for a boycott, although its creators claim that any content deleted from the application will also be deleted from the “ZAO” server.

Just imagine how dangerous things like this are, the ability to serve some situations to some people who are not even aware of it, and only with one application !

Download ZAO App

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