Smartphone Apps: the Anti-social Networks

Avoid Humans APP

In the modern era where everyone can share anything through various social media platforms, you can make continuous tweets, provide check-ins to any of your desired locations and save every memorable day of life in Instagram photos; it becomes hard to search for some source for bringing peace of mind.

And dissimilar to what previous generations may think regarding the young people who were to indulged and interested to remain connected, it appears that most of the youngsters are just finding the ways to keep themselves in a restricted envelope of their lives.

In fact, we all need a small break from the hectic stream of our life, and take a pause from the endless flow of information which is being poured to us without any gap. Considering this thing, the smartphone technology has introduced the anti-social media app system so that you could use these apps for getting a control over social life.

  1. Anomo

This app is for the shy and timid people. At the start, it was built for dating purposes specifically for the introverts but has got many extensions with time. It works like an antithesis for Facebook, being a platform where anyone can share anything with all the fellows there. The users of Anomo can get a benefit of this app as an avatar. Anomo finds the best match for the users, as they meet other introverts there and spark up a conversation with them after a sequence of inoffensive open questions.

  1. Anti-Social

Anti-Social is not an actual app. However, it is also very beneficial for the people who have got very serious nature regarding removing the distractions and avoiding the social contacts. Few times, you have just need to buckle down, switch your phone off, abandon Facebook for the moment and get done with everything. Using this app, you can set a scheduled block for social media websites for as much as 8 hours. You may turn off for the people and can perform something productive during this phase.

  1. Avoid Humans
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This app was designed by fanatics having the SXSW in their minds. It is a combination of social media data obtained from the sources like Foursquare check-ins and as an Austin services ad for helping the agoraphobics to get mental relief. Using this app, you get a list of Austin places with the lesser amount of crowds, which are divided into four categories: food, coffee, nightlife, and refuge.

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