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How many times you were in a dilemma how to share personal contact details with your acquaintances? Are you going to use email or phone number or, perhaps, you prefer sharing Facebook and twitter accounts for business communication. Now this problem rests in history, as Humin provider developed a new app, which helps you to share contact information with your colleagues.

Namely, we are talking about the Knock-Knock app, available on both Android and Apple mobile platform. It helps us to connect with other people by tapping on their phone twice. When you make this step, you will have a choice to pick up which information you want to share with your friend. It could be Facebook or Instagram account, email or Snapchat data or all of them. The advantage of Knock-Knock app is a possibility for connection of the whole group of friends or business partners. Even if  you choose this option, there is no obligation to share the same information with each group member. There is a free choice what you want to share and with whom.

Another good part of the Humin app is the opportunity to share location. Everything that you need to do is logging in the app and finding out who is near you. This app is also a good tool for managing your contacts at any time, and you will not have to worry about meeting details. Knock-Knock app solution is perfect for the Internet users in terms of better organization and keeping their time free.

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The project concentrates on the fact that technology  becomes more presented in daily lives, so the connection turns as a crucial point for communication. Co-founders of Humin, Ankur Jain and David Wyler, said that in today’s world it is of vital importance not to be overcrowded. We must know which information are relevant, who are the individuals you need, and at what time you could do something. The only way for organizing all of these is consciousness how to use things around you. Two entrepreneurs have worked on similar projects since the college time, and recently both of them took the positions on the Forbes list.

At last, Knock-Knock app is free and there is also a premium payable version. Some critics declared that the Himin‘s project was already presented in the Internet world. They refer to Google tool Bump, developed in 2013, which allowed users to share documents by tapping the phone gadgets. However, the idea is well-composed so the number of users will also be greater.

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