Trillian Instant Messenger Review

trillian instant messaging

Trillian is a free client for multi-platform chat & the good news is that it has changed a lot since the past few years. It has gone a lot of changes since it first came out in the market place. Apple, Microsoft, and Google – all the big software companies have their exclusive version for instant messaging. All of these are free & numerous loyal users. But, the major issue with this platform was that the user was required to log into several applications in order to chat with their friends from different networks.

Trillian Instant Messenger Features

The application offers exceptional support for several different chat options like Facebook, Google, Skype, AIM, XMPP, MSN, etc. The user is able incorporate all these in single platform.

Although it is mainly considered as a multi-channel chat app, Trillian has much more things to offer.

You can read your email, converse with your networks as well as catch up with your feeds. And all of these is done inside a neatly designed UI.

The thing which makes it so popular app is you won’t feel overwhelmed when you’re using it. No matter how many accounts you add into the app, you will be easily able to control all the happenings without getting messed up.

For people with more than one devices, the continuous chat feature from Trillian is quite incredible. So, in case you begin a chat onto your smart phone, you will be able to continue it where you left using your PC immediately.

Trillian also makes keeping track of your FB updates & feeds very easy. Not only you’re able to chat with your friends live, you can also comment on the updates as well as check out the friend requests on FB.

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Although, the notification bubbles are not that disturbing, you are able to turn them off straightaway if you want. The email feature is not bad & it can help you go thru the unread emails in your inbox.


Trillian is undoubtedly one of the best multi-platform IM apps in the market currently. The real time chat feature in the app is a quite productive method of communication. The company has ensured the users make maximum use of their connections.

Trillion is a free and completely safe to use app. So, there is no reason why you must not be giving this IM app at least one try, in case you are new to it!

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