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Android has maintained its lead in mobile OS platform. By giving its users diverse and good range of all types of applications, Android has given its competitors a real tough time. Android has lot of business applications available all over the internet. These business applications maximizes user productivity and creativity, because with business application in android mobile phones, user has all control of  his business on his palm with the help of his android mobile. Android business applications are ideal for small business use, but are also capable of handling medium size business record. These application can fulfill SMB’s IT requirement to most extent. Following are top 5 android business applications of year 2015 based on their no. of downloads, User interface and facilities which these applications are providing :

Microsoft Office Suite Pro

It is a paid app, but it is worth paying. You can create, edit and view documents on your mobile phone easily. It supports .doc and .docx extension , making its user ability to use MS office features on your android device. It provides advance features.


Using MS office suite on your mobile provides you much ease for your work. But its integration with One Drive has taken it to next level. You can sync your mobile with computer and cloud storage and can have all your documents centrally available on your mobile too. It is a great cloud storage . There are other cloud storage applications available on android platform too ( e.g  Google Drive , though it is quite successful ,but is unable to make its mark on android mobile platform ).


It is a SMB (Small and Medium Sized Business) accounting and finance solution. It is a cloud application and is rated as No. 1 for accounting purpose. This a must have app and this list is incomplete without  addition of this application in the list. This application provides you ability to create Invoices with your own logo and style.  Some other business requisites like Balance sheet, sale sheet , profit , Customer Records can  all be managed by this small application. It also provides other application integration with its basic pack, giving you more power and features. You can download it here. It provides  30 day free trial too.

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Square Register

It is another business application and has come up with it own unique features and design. It is basically an inventory software. It is free for basic inventory use. You can add your products in it and add pictures and prices of your product too. The main feature , which is the cause for the hype of this application is that it accepts Credit Card . The amount accepted through credit card cuts some minor percentage of it but that percentage is worth of the facility provided by the application. It is a free application, Download it from here .

Cam Card

Even though , we are living in era of technology revolution , but we just simply can’t deny the importance of business cards in our business society. Cam Cards is an android mobile application that allows you to save and record your business cards on your android  mobile. You can scan business cards. It can automatically translate it into 16 different languages. It is cloud application , thus accessible anywhere anytime. Most importantly , it notifies all your contacts ,when you make a change in your card regarding promotion etc.

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