Comparing the Most Popular VOIP Smartphone Apps



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Comparing the Most Popular VOIP Smartphone Apps

voip phone

Today, we would be doing a comparison between the most popular VOIP smartphone apps: Skype, Viber, Kakao Talk, Tango, and Line. This is so that you can get an idea of the data usage in calls and also the standby

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Spotify, Netflix, LINE, Pandora & HBO tops the list of Biggest Apps of 2016


According to the latest yearly report made by the Sensor Tower mentioned about the top apps of 2016, the streaming apps dominated when it was discussed which apps, other than the games, have made their mark in delivering the highest

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What makes Signal more Secure than WhatsApp

signal private messenger

Messaging apps have come of age and they are now taking a step further towards ensuring user privacy. To do that, WhatsApp recently announced that it would be using end to end encryption for all users. This would make it

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Which do you prefer: Signal, Google Voice, Textra SMS, Android Messages

messaging apps sms

Out of all the features which Android has done very well, messaging is the one which is still considered the best as compared to other famous mobile platforms. The reason is that the makers have customary loaded a practical messaging

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Twitter and Instagram Trying to Clean Up their Sites

Twitter Instagram clean up

The social networking organizations utilized by thousands of the people, facing a dilemma. These companies want their users to post the material independently. However, they are also the huge pressure of blocking objectionable posts such as porn and violence speech

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When are Children Ready for Smartphones?


As soon as children can grasp things in their hands, they are reaching for your electronics. One important piece of electronics that your child will reach for is your smartphone, partly because he or she sees that you are using

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Stop Hackers from Spying on your iPhone with SektionEins & VPN Apps

sektioneins vpn apps iphone

Apple offers a fair level of protection for the iPhone users however it does not guarantee total security, as a result of which pro iOS hackers are able to spy on your device causing security concerns. Here are two recently

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Facebook Messenger Encryption Vs Whatsapp Encryption

facebook whatsapp privacy

The privacy plays a very important role in the mobile world where millions of users are active on a daily basis. The rise of the users follows the increase of privacy issues, possibly dangering for users‘ online security. The need

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YouTube Apps for get a Refreshing New Update

youtube iphone

YouTube apps for iPhone and Android have got a refreshing new design that is sure to improve the user experience. This has happened just a day after Gmail came with its Android update. The homepage of the app will now

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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