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YouTube apps for iPhone and Android have got a refreshing new design that is sure to improve the user experience. This has happened just a day after Gmail came with its Android update. The homepage of the app will now have large and high resolution thumbnail images that will enable users to identify the videos in the feed section quickly.

Not only that, Google has also revealed an improved recommendation system which will provide related and highly customized video suggestions.

The ‘recommendation system’ designed by Google is based on deep neural network technology which means that when you frequently use this feature, it will learn more about your preferences and get even better at recommending related videos for you.

Youtube Update

The new and refreshing home screen of the YouTube app looks impressive with large thumbnails and the additional features that allow video recommendations offer a much better and bigger improvement.

This ‘recommendation system’ is designed to help you search for new and entertaining videos to watch when you are bored.

This improved and advanced system will help you watch videos that suit your tastes and preferences.

You can now get the improved and refreshed new YouTube app on your iPhone and Android.

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