Huawei Honor V8 Coming Soon with a Quad HD Display

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Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, had earlier stated that humans can’t differentiate between a full HD display and a Quad HD display 2560 x 1440. But now it seems like he is starting to think differently because last week he announced that Huawei’s next phone will have a QHD display. Huawei has also been teasing a new phone which is to be a part of the Honor range of smartphones. The teaser indicates the incorporation of dual cameras, as see in their flagships, the P9 and P9 Plus. From the teaser, it is also evident that the new phone will have a naming scheme with ‘V’ in it.

Now, there is official confirmation that the phone will be called Honor V8 and will be launched at an event on May 10th. The phone is really powerful in terms of specifications and can be compared to the P9 and P9 Plus. The Indian market has been huge for Huawei in terms of sales and their flagships are not available in India. This might be one of their strategies to introduce a phone outside of China which is very similar to the P9 and P9 Plus.

Three variants of the Honor V8 has passed through TENAA and two of them are similar except for their color. The third one, however, is in a different league altogether, sporting a better processor, more internal memory, and a better display. Huawei has started rolling out Android Marshmallow updates to their phones, but the Honor V8 will come with Android 6.0 right out of the box. The phone comes with a 5.7-inch display with Full HD and QHD resolutions. The common specs between the three variants include dual 12MP cameras at the rear, an 8 MP selfie shooter in the front, 4 gigs of RAM and a 3,400mAh battery.

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The two base variants come with a 2.3GHz octa-core processor and 32 GB of internal memory. That is, by no means, less powerful compared to many of the smartphones out there. The top variant comes with a 2.5GHz processor along with 64GB of internal memory. The main USP of this variant is the Quad HD display and it is intended to go along with Huawei VR headset. Huawei recently announced their very own VR headset, dubbed Huawei VR, and many felt that none of their phones can provide a good experience, considering the fact that they don’t have a single phone with a Quad HD display. At least, Huawei is moving in the right direction and is listening to their customers.

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