Huawei P8 Smartphone Review

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Huawei P8 is the greatest and latest Smartphone from Huawei, a recognized Chinese manufacturer. Huawei P8 is thin, powerful and undercuts the competition. It is a new flagship Android Smartphone thinner that an iPhone 6. Huawei is now aiming to emulate the success of the Nexus series from Google, as one of the largest mobile infrastructure companies in the world and known for devices that take advantage of new technologies like 4G.

Super thin

Huawei P8 looks a little like an iPhone 5 from the back, but also looks like the Argos MyTablet with white inlaid glass at the top of the back plate. It has a rather understated design in aluminum and glass. Despite being thin and well built with a solid back and smooth sides, the finish to the aluminum looks slightly cheap. When tapped with a finger, the back also sounds hollow, which is surprising that Huawei P8 is one of the thinnest phones going at 6.4mm thick. Samsung Galaxy S6 is 6.8mm thick while iPhone 6 is 6.9mm.

With thin bezels at the sides of Huawei P8, the 5.2in full HD fills most of the front. P8 is crisp, bright and good. It is as good as the same screens fitted to the HTC One M9, but it is not at same level with the incredible patio HD screen fitted to the LG G4. The P8 is one of the manageable top-end Smartphones available at the moment, with a small body and a 5.2in screen, although those with smaller hands will still struggle to use it with one-handed.

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Huawei P8 Camera

Huawei P8 camera is solid and functions well enough and the app shows more than a passing resemblance to the Apple’s camera app. It comes with a 13-megapixel camera, which is one of the best currently available. It has solid low-light performance and good detail, but it is not as sharp as the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the LG G4 camera.

However, the camera app is like iPhone. With the options to enable HDR and a load of other features buried behind a menu, it has a simple photo selector on the left. Although its beauty mode can create some horrifying alien-looking images, the front-facing camera does a solid job for selfies.


  • Huawei P8 is very thin
  • Solid build
  • Decent Camera
  • Good batter life and performance


  • Lack of premium finish to the body
  • Software modifications are a bit unpolished and change Android significantly


Huawei has really proved that it is a Smartphone company worth paying attention to, with the P8 and when it comes to Smartphones, P8 is worth considering, particularly looking at the fact that it is significantly cheap compared to its rivals.

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