Reasons Why the Android M might be the most noteworthy Android Version!


The Google’s yearly developer conference is around the corner, and it’s already well-known that the Android M developer preview will land at the Google I/O 2015. This article shares some of the decisive list of features of the new Android M. the following are some of the things that you should expect. So what is the most likely thing to expect in the updated android?

A more feature-rich version of Android

Honestly, many people don’t understand about the APIs that are incorporated in their APKs. Thus, the visual changes which were inherent in Android lollipop that was centered on the guidelines of materials designs caught most of the off-guard during the former I/O.

During the release of Android M, we of course expect to see new refinements and animations in plenty. Although, the radically distinctive visuals might not be there during this I/O. some of the new features that we should expect incorporate Android pay functionality, a fingerprint API, new Google Now voice commands, and possibly at work sandboxing. Whereas such things are thought to be less sexy than the material designs, they are of more usefulness than the latter.

Bug fixing vs. new features

We will just sit and wait to see whether the Android M will arrive with many more bugs like Android Lollipop or it will just iron them out. Although, we are certain that the next version of Android will be released before the year end and of course will have some notable new features that are impressive.

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Such newer features might be centered on security, user controls, as well as expansion of the Android ecosystem even beyond to our homes, into our cars, and onto our wrists. Some material design will see adaptive palettes which are flourishing and becoming the rule rather than just being exempted. Such designs might be inherent in the stock Android.

Android in the world

Probably, the 2015 I/O will mainly focus on the wider world and back-end of Android. Therefore, Android will go beyond your smartphone by exploring new horizons. This can be deduced from the past Google experiments that was present in many homes, last year.

The Android M will possibly close the gaps between Android home & at work and world explorations. The Android at Work has become an indispensable tool for the Project Loon in the Stratosphere, BYOD environments, progression of Android Home after Nest’s acquisition, robotics and virtual experiments, and Android Auto probably become its own operating system.

What does it all mean for us?

The release of Android M will see most of the Google’s integration stepped up to another milestone. Just like the way Google included some of its features in Android Kit Kat, it will do whatever is like with this OS. The benefits of such integrations are awesome offers and simplifications of our lives both at work and home. Therefore we will be more productive and happy.

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