How To Delete Facebook Messenger on Android



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How To Delete Facebook Messenger on Android

How To Delete Facebook Messenger on Android delete messenger android 1

Do you want to Delete Facebook Messenger on Android devices? Millions of people around the world use Messenger and so many add up every single day. While Messenger is one of the most preferred instant messaging platforms, it’s not without

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Best Modern Smartphones to Buy

Best Modern Smartphones Buy

Every brand of mobile manufacturers is competitively producing brands of their phones in daily basis. Big corporations like Samsung, Apple, Android and Oppo in China are introducing new brands of smartphones into the market with varied features, operating systems, cost

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Lango Messaging App For iOS and Android

download lango zlango

Self expression gets a new meaning with the Lango Messaging App! Sometimes there are a lot of emotions held within us and it becomes difficult to put them all into words. When the words fall short, images can do the

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Android vs iPhone – Choice of Smartphone Reveals your Personality Traits

android iphone Personality Traits

Whether we are at the bar or a restaurant with friends, a lot of us have Smartphones that we always attach to the hip. When looking at both Android and iPhone, the truth is that your choice of Smartphone is what

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Huawei works one OS to avoid Android

huawei p lite

The tech industry has many participants who work every day on developing new ideas and solutions in different areas. One of the best providers in communication and information world is definitely Huawei. With more than 150,000 employees and  150 countries

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Viber Pinned Chats and YouTube Videos

Viber youtube videos

Viber is a popular messaging app and has recently announced some upgrades that are worth taking note of. On Android, users now have the option of utilizing the “Pinned Chats” feature. Now, your most popular chats can be quickly and

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Download Unclouded App for Android

Unclouded app

On 20 January 2015 a new app name “Unclouded” which can maintain space problem in smart phones. Different drives in phone keep the record of files and folders like audio, video etc. These files are stored in google drive, drop

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Automate for Android

Automate android download

There are collections of tools that will give your phone extra superpowers, particularly if you are planning to go extra mile with your phone – either by taking adequate control what it does already or broaden its capabilities. Shortcut makers, taskers, and

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Tasker for Android

tasker app apk

Tasker for Android is probably the leading automation app for Google’s mobile OS. Tasker allows you to stage-manage outputs, inputs, phone settings, dialog boxes, notifications, apps, alerts, and lots more to take charge of your gadget.

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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