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Tasker for Android is probably the leading automation app for Google’s mobile OS. Tasker allows you to stage-manage outputs, inputs, phone settings, dialog boxes, notifications, apps, alerts, and lots more to take charge of your gadget.

The intricacy of tasker can make it intimidating for novice, but without doubt, it is worthy of spending some time and effort to learn about the app.

You can use tasker app to launch a certain app at a particular time, change the device wallpaper on a timer, protect particular apps with pass code, put your phone on silent immediately you enter a certain place, or turn off Wi-Fi when the screen dims.

Tasker app can also display brightness in the course of the day, set up reminders for any notification you missed, auto-play your WhatsApp messages, change the ringtone volume depending on the person calling, take photos if a wrong password is entered, and very much more. In addition, it is possible to envelop the activities of Tasker as separate mobile apps and make use of them right way.

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