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Viber youtube videos

Viber is a popular messaging app and has recently announced some upgrades that are worth taking note of. On Android, users now have the option of utilizing the “Pinned Chats” feature. Now, your most popular chats can be quickly and easily accessed by simply pinning them to the top of the screen.

Android users should first find their way to the screen that lists a display for all chats going on you Viber list. Long tapping the chat to be pinned will draw up an options list from which you can then select “pin to top”. Once this has been done, that chat will be listed at the very top of the chat list. If, at any time, you decide you no longer need that particular chat at the top of the list, simply long-press the chat again, this time selecting “unpin chat”.

Since the beginning of 2017, Viber’s company has introduced many features they hope will add to the popularity of the service. As of February, Ephemeral Messaging was added, as was Public accounts. Public accounts’ goal is to allow people to have ease of access to many of their favorite brands and stores.

Another addition to the service via the latest update is the ability to watch YouTube Videos, directly from your chat. Specifically called inline playback, it has already become a favorite of YouTube and Viber fans alike.

Once the link to a YouTube video is sent, a thumbnail will hold the place in the chat box. There will be an icon displayed on that thumbnail and all you need to do is press play in order to watch it from the Viber app itself.

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While this is not a brand new idea for users of the Facebook messenger, it is important to not that the extremely popular messaging app WhatsApp does not have it. Telegram also has no inline feature for YouTube playback. In light of that information, it is safe to say that Viber is likely to overtake the competition in this arena.

Finally, another popular portion of the Viber update includes the ability to see the status of your online friends. Additionally, you can even see a timestamp, letting you know when they were last online.

With all these great additions since the new update, Viber now hopes to be up and running, possibly surpassing some of their competition.

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