Download Youtube Videos with Vidmate and Snaptube App



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Download Youtube Videos with Vidmate and Snaptube App

snaptube video music

Do you want to download videos from your favourite music website? Today we are doing a quick comparison between the Vidmate and the Snaptube app. So without wasting any further time let’s get started so you all know that both

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Viber Pinned Chats and YouTube Videos

Viber youtube videos

Viber is a popular messaging app and has recently announced some upgrades that are worth taking note of. On Android, users now have the option of utilizing the “Pinned Chats” feature. Now, your most popular chats can be quickly and

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YouTube’s captioning system now recognizes sound effect

Youtube sound effect

Thanks to advances in Google’s Machine Learning (ML) project that makes it possible to transcribe video to audio automatically on YouTube. Years ago, YouTube introduced an automatic captioning system that can transcribe videos to audios for better accessibility of content

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YouTube Offers New in App Messaging Services

youtube in app messaging

Since 1026, YouTube developers have been working on a new service for the app- in app messaging. Currently, the messaging service is only available in Canada as it needs to have tests run on it. Why Canada? It’s thought that

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YouTube Apps for get a Refreshing New Update

youtube iphone

YouTube apps for iPhone and Android have got a refreshing new design that is sure to improve the user experience. This has happened just a day after Gmail came with its Android update. The homepage of the app will now

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