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Kodi is a media player for multiplatforms and has been deemed “brilliant”. However, the content that can be watched on the software, such as television and movies, is usually pirated and therefore illegal. Starting off as the Xbox Media Center, or XBMC, in 2014 the name changed to Kodi. It is an open-source media player that can now be found across many different platforms in sixty-five different languages and is the result of hundreds of programmers who have worked on the software to get it where it is today.

Microsoft was once in charge of the software, but currently it is operated by a not for profit corporation known as the XBMC Foundation, comprised of many programmers who are all volunteers and go by the name, “Team Kodi”. Both the Foundation and the software itself accept Bitcoin as a form of donation.

Kodi’s sole purpose is to play all manner of digital media. Live television, recordings, movies, music, photographs, slideshows, and podcasts are just a few of the media types known to play on this software, as it is, after all, a media center.

This software is compatible with many different varieties of file formats and operating systems, since it is an open-source software that is so well known. Some of the most well known, of course, are Windows, Linux, mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, iOS and many more.

It is worth noting, however, that the iOS version is for iPhone and iPads that have had a jailbreak. Those devices that have not had a jailbreak performed on them can have Kodi added, but it is a fairly complicated procedure, especially for someone who is not familiar with the procedure. There is nearly no end to the number of add-on’s and skins that are available for download and customization.

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A court order was recently put in place by the Premier League to specifically halt live streams of football matches that were being broadcast from Kodi boxes. This has actually been one of the biggest reasons people are using this software for illegal streaming. Until this point, it has been able to take down streams from individuals who could be established via URL, but not the broader spectrum allows for disruption and prevention of illegal streaming happening from any Kodi set-top box, via IPTV.

With recent moves surrounding Kodi, it is best to understand that pirated content is illegal and advocating the use of such software is a ridiculous idea.

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