Samsung C9 Pro is an Excellent but Cheaper Phone

Samsung C Pro

With the older version of the Galaxy C series of Samsung phones looking for the new release within the Chinese market, with the release of new Galaxy C9 phone in the Philippines bringing the amazing surprise, particularly for the users who are searching for the much affordable options. released about a month before the Galaxy C8 along with the price amount of only a few thousand, few people may consider the Galaxy C9 pro a little costly.

As you touch this phone for the first time, you can’t decline the feeling of getting it in the hand. Having the metallic body at the back and the glass enameled at the front while having the curved corners, this phone is as amazing as it looks like the ergonomic. The metallic back includes the curved edges on both sides which improve the grip while making it quite comfortable for holding. This is the good feature as with the screen like this, the C9 pro becomes an irresistible option.

The overall body of the phone is excellent, however, it has small touches such as the triple bands – the three lines etched at the bank of phone – on the upper side of the camera and near blower side. This doesn’t make the phone much ergonomic, but it certainly includes the character to the phone which can be easily drowned in the sea of the midrange priced Samsung phones.

You may say that the C9 pro includes the features which make it a flagship, however, the classy looks and metallic backs appear par for the course presently, particularly from Samsung. This phone is the device which was never made in any of the Galaxy series: having 6 GB of RAM with stereo speakers. The speakers are surprisingly amazing but they lack few additions; they are comparatively weaker and the stereo effect is just a simple effect.

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There is a second speaker in form of earpiece, along with the main speaker positioned at the bottom side with the headphone jack as well as USB connector. Unluckily, the sound which comes out via speakers is very imbalanced for making it stereo in the true sense, with earpiece just belting out the mids and highs. Most of the sounds even then come from the main one. There are not any particular reasons which make you stop buying the Galaxy C9 pro.

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