Do you know Kyocera Washable SmartPhone?

KYOCERA Washable Smart Phone

Kyocera, a Japan-based company, has created the first washable smartphone that boasts resistance to hot water and a touch screen that can be used even when the user’s hands or wet or when they are wearing gloves. The product will be available in Japan starting in March of 2017 and come in three colors: pale blue, light pink, and clear white.

Although the new phone is exciting, it isn’t the first water resistant smartphone that Kyocera has launched. As a predecessor, the company came out with the DINGO rafre that was launched as the world’s first hand soap resistant smartphone.

The second-generation smartphone that is ready to launch in March of this year is resistant to hand soap, and foaming body soap. Since the phone is resistant to water, users can use the phone in the bathtub or shower and outside on rainy days.

In addition to the waterproof features, this new smartphone comes with cooking apps that can be operated purely by hand gestures. Simple hand gestures allow the user to flip through recipes, set timers, and answer calls without having to touch their phone.

The phone also has a great camera. It is specifically designed to take flawless pictures in low light conditions. It’s also equipped with Phase Detection AF to ensure quick focusing times. Users can fill their phone with up to 16GB of photo, video, and music files thanks to the internal memory of the smartphone.

Another handy feature of the phone is the weather forecast alarm clock. When the alarm rings, the device reads out the weather forecast. Users can also program the settings so the device’s alarm goes off earlier on days that are supposed to be rainy, giving users a better sense of time management.

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The device features a blue-light cut app to make looking at the device easier on the eyes and reduce eye fatigue and strain during episodes of prolonged use.

For Android supporters in Japan, this smartphone will quickly go on the top of the “want list”, as it runs on the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system.

It’s unclear and there has been no word from the company on the phone’s price point, but it could very well cost a hefty sum- a sum of which many smartphone users would gladly pay to have their phone be protected from water and soap damage.

What do you think? Will washable smartphones be the next big thing?

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