Facebook Messenger Promises to Amp Up the Privacy Measures

Facebook Messenger Promises to Amp Up the Privacy Measures facebook messenger privacy 1

It has been no secret that the Facebook messenger is suffering from serious privacy issues that have infuriated millions of its users, especially after many experts proved that the popular messaging app is indeed collecting private information about the users without any official consent. However, Facebook is planning to change the situation this year after the blue messenger started to suffer from a decrease in the number of users who use the instant-messaging app on a daily basis.

The CEO of Facebook, recently, stated that focusing on providing the millions of users out there with the ultimate privacy features will help make the Facebook messenger more trustworthy and approachable. Many users have indeed abandoned Facebook messenger because of its double privacy standards and chose to utilize more trusty messengers such as Viber and Telegram.

Telegram, Facebook and WeChat

Frankly speaking, people are now more aware of their rights to have full online privacy and control over their digital content and messages. A messenger such as Telegram stands out to be the most prominent advocate of uncompromised online privacy in the moment, which consequently puts other popular messaging apps like Facebook and WeChat under the radar because of the continuous allegations and accusations of breaching the privacy of users and gathering data without official approval.

Nevertheless, it seems that Facebook is going to adopt another, different methodology of online privacy in 2019; Mark Zuckerberg stressed that the future of Facebook messenger is indeed revolving around providing the best possible online privacy status in the attempt to stand by the user’s side and transform both of Facebook messenger and its sibling app, WhatsApp, into the main, trust-worthy messengers used by people.

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The CEO of Facebook added that many social media apps and messengers are already planning to move towards the fully protected and encrypted online communications; still, many people are questioning whether or not these yet-to-come upgraded privacy plans apply for both the Facebook app and its messengers. After all it can’t be denied that the social media app Facebook is a type of online documantaion of people’s lives; the messengers, on the other hand, are different cases.

The upcoming futuristic plans for enhancing the privacy status must indeed be applied and implanted in the Facebook messengers that contain the most sensitive and private information about the users that they wouldn’t want to share with foreigners. Unfortunately, many people found the upcoming privacy plans of Facebook to be quite unbelievable since the popular platform is continuously accused of breaching the user’s privacy and it didn’t provide any valid solution, even til date!

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